How to Improve Blog Readership

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This week I shall be covering ‘How to Improve Blog Readership’ and the different departments within the company that are involved in a quality blog.


How to Improve Blog ReadershipBlogging Content

Blogs are very important for companies because they allow the publication of regular content which both helps raise their ranking in the search engine results pages and engage with customers. It is important to remember that blog posts should be written for real people and not for the sole purpose of search engine optimisation. Here are some tips to improve blog readership:


Focus–  It is important to focus on key phrases or a key topic in the blog but the blog content should not be flooded with keywords. The blog post should provide the user with unique and engaging content.

Blog Comments– It is important for blogs to allow comments so that users can leave their feedback on the blog post and engage with both the company and other readers.

Engage – When a user leaves a comment on the blog the client should reply to the comment, this will leave the user feeling involved.

Social – Blog posts should be shared on social media networks to reach a larger audience, there should also be social sharing buttons on the blog to allow users to easily share content within their network.

Share – Use social to share blog posts several times. (see image below showing the different patterns of distributing blog posts on different networks)

Internal linking– The blog should easily be accessible from the clients main page and vice versa – the client should easily be able to access the clients website from the blog.

Media – Thousands of blog posts occur each day and you need to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd! ALWAYS include images in your blog posts and if possible include a relevant video to improve user engagement & reduce bounce rates. Info graphics are very popular, so if you have the resources then try and get regular info graphics created by the design team.

Newsletters – Encourage users to sign up to your clients newsletter or blog.

See the whiteboard still below from MOZ on 10 tactics to improve blog readership:

Blog Readership SEO Tips


So, what should I do for my clients? 

  • Request keyword and topic research to highlight popular terms and phrases (Search)
  • Put in a content brief to write an engaging piece of content around a target topic or keyphrase (Content)
  • Get images and videos sourced, get an info graphic created by the design team where appropriate (Design)
  • Ensure that the blog post is optimised for SEO purposes (Search)
  • Share and promote the new blog post on social channels (Social)
  • Share  and promote older blog posts (Social)
  • Ensure that blog comments are responded to (Social)



Enjoy your weekend!


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